Welcome on my own page ...

My name is Naomi v Mourik, I'm 12 years old and I have 2 hobbies, I like to do streetdance but love to show dogs in the showring, especially with junior handling. I started at the age of 9 years, first at the child-dog shows. I always was looking at the Pedigree Junior Handling and wanted to participate but i was to young. Now I'm old enough and participate in the Junior Handling shows and I like it very much. Among the boys and girls in the junior handling it is very nice and I learned a lot from Mariska Huis and her Mother, thanks for the lend of your dog Jennie!
I also show the varieties Bull Mastiff and French Bulldog that we own, but also other varieties including Dandie Dinmont Terrier [Mathilde] of Paul Bakker, Spin Ones Italiano [Joost] of Anette Wijnsouw, Golden Retriever [Dime] of Anita Cremers, Dwergsnauzer [Vamos] of Sjanelle Hartjes and Teckel [Supreme] of Roel and Angelique de Kunder. Thanks to you all for your confidence that I could show your dog.

My biggest dream is to represent the Netherlands at the Crufts with Junior Handling. perhaps this dream become reality soon to represent the Netherlands at the World Championships in Bratislava for the Dutch Teckle Club with a Teckel of the Kennel vd Stoofhoeve.

I also do ring training 2 to 3 times a week, with Bernard Schouten, where it all began. Thanks Bernard for all your help and wise counsel. I also train with Kruisland with Annette Wijnsouw, Suus Stoppelberg and Merijn van Iersel, this people have much experience in different varieties. I've learned alot from them, Thanks!
In the future I want to learn more about handling en grooming showdogs.

Below my showresults, I hope that in the future it became a nice list with great results! I would like to thank all the people for their confidence and borrowing their dog, because without these people I can not do this!!!
Paul Marks kennel Parsastone Am-Staff (Boogy), Peter en Jacolize Perfect-Trim Konings Poedel (Prisco) Diana v Dorst of Didi`s Dream Konings Poedel (Andy) Jennifer Gielisse il Piccolo Azurro Whippet (Aischa) and all the people how let me show their dog.

Are you interested in that I show your dog then I would ask you kindly to contact me.

Kind Regards
Naomi van Mourik